Valuable experience as an engineering intern

Elliot Bay Design Group - Seattle, WA

This was an internship position I held during my masters degree studies. Exposure to the high-quality drawing standards of the firm showed me the great level of detail that can be conveyed through an engineering drawing. I was able to learn these standards and create and modify drawings as necessary. Some original drawings I produced were basic concepts of an LNG tug and passenger ferry. This was for presentation at the "Natural Gas Markets of the Future Workshop." This also required research into the feasibilty of LNG as a marine fuel in the U.S. For another assignment, I reviewed construction drawings for the LCS in an attempt to increase consistency between shipyards and sister ships. As an independent project, I installed OpenFOAM on a Linux machine and performed tutorials to improve my skills and engage in discussions the firm was having about CFD software choices.

Indústria Naval Do Ceará - Fortaleza, Brasil

This internship was a valuable international experience. It involved heavy use of design software for a range of problems such as hydrostatics, seakeeping, resistance and propulsion, and 3-D modeling. The language barrier was an additional challenge that was overcome with clear communication using sketches and translation software when needed. Specific projects included using Rhino and Excel to calculate the lightship weight of a vessel. Also, hydrostatics software was used to determine a sequence of fuel consumption plan for a naval vessel. Seekeeping analysis was performed to determine motions and accelerations and provide suggestions on the safe operating seastate-envelope. I was exposed to sea trials and incline tests of numerous naval, commercial, and private vessels.

VT Halter - Pascagoula, MS

This internship provided a mixture of shipyard work and office duties. A major task was to develop a booklet of tank sounding tables for a SWATH. The dimensions of each tank were measured to calculate the volume. The locations of the tanks throughout the vessel were recorded using internal structures as references. Also, the location of the sounding tube was measured. These data were used as inputs with the hydrostatics software GHS, and a booklet of tank sounding tables was produced. Other duties included altering drawings and performing an ice area calculation.

Atlantic Marine - Jacksonville, FL

An internship consisting entirely of shipyard work to directly support the construction of offshore supply boats as well as the repair of a variety of vessels. Specific accompishments include organizing owners, shipyard representatives, and regulatory personnel for the inspection of tanks which required signatures to verify the construction was complete. Prior to escorting the parties throughout the tanks, I would assist in the removal of scaffolding and inspect the tanks for loose debry, adequate paint, and correct pipe penetrations. I coordinated the ballasting of an OSV for alignment of the engine to the propeller shaft. While communicating with the pump shop personnel on which tanks to fill, I meaured the volumes with a sounding tape until the proper trim was obtained. To increase the efficiency of the pipe shop, I performed an inventory of pipe material. LEAN principles were used to offer recommendations to the pipe shop. These included using bins to seperate material, moving material inside to reduce corrosion, and creating construction drawings to reduce field-run pipe and increase consistency between sister-ships.